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2N Analogue Vario 3 Button 9135130E

SKU: 9135130E
  • Unique design
  • Modularity
  • Easy installation

The 2N Vario Analogue – 3 button (9135130E) is a door communicator that has a wide range of features integrated into one unique box. With its fully modular design, users have the option of both voice and video transmission. Accessories include a camera, RFID key card reader, attendance system and vandal resistant mounting.


  • Connect via analog phone line
  • Audio, video, and RFID key card reader in one
  • Remote control and programming
  • User announcements and acoustic signals
  • Easy installation
  • Weather resistance – Marine Grade Steel case with IP 53 cover


  • Minimum required on-hook line voltage 20v (Hang-up)
  • Minimum required off-hook line current 15 mA (Off-hook)
  • Bandwidth 300~3500Hz (20~60mA)
  • Switch max voltage 48v AC/DC
  • Switch min voltage 9v AC/DC
  • Switch max current 2A AC/DC
  • Backlight rated voltage 12v
  • Backlight max voltage 24v
  • Backlight current consumption max 1A
  • Operational temperature range -20 to + 60 ºC
  • Coverage IP 53
  • Pulse dialling 40/60ms (20~60mA)
  • Time of response to ringing Variable
  • DTMF level -6 and -8dB ± 2dB (20~60mA)
  • Busy tone/Continuous/Ringing tone detection speed both 350~500Hz
  • Overvoltage protection common mode 1000v (8/20 μs)
  • Overvoltage protection between A and B conductors 1000v (8/20 μs)
  • Dimensions 100(W) x 210(H) x 29(D) mm
  • Weight (Net) 0.50kg
  • Weight (Gross) 0.65kg

Voice Menu

For simple programming, a voice menu is implemented which navigates you through the setting of the individual parameters. It is possible to hear the current parameters‘ settings and the scope of possible values which can be saved.

User Announcements

During call establishing 2N® Helios announces “Wait please, the connection is being made”. If 2N® Helios doesn´t reach the user (all stored numbers are not available), it announces “User is not available“.

Door Opening and Signaling

A user can easily choose what 2N® Helios announces when the code lock switch is activated. A new parameter offers a silent mode, continuous tone or an user defined announcement i.e. “The door is open, please come in“. The setting is available for the additional switch as well.

Additional switch

This is an excellent resource for controlling a second appliance (one switch is integrated into every basic module). Closing and opening contacts are available. This switch also enables switching for an unlimited period or for the time of call duration. The additional switch can be used e.g. for switching on a light in the entryway or corridor.


A connected video camera allows monitoring of people entering the building. The video can be viewed on a PC, LCD display and TV set. This provides additional physical security from virtually anywhere 24/7. At night, video quality is ensured by switching to the black and white mode or infrared illumination.

Whats in the Box
  • 2N Analogue Vario 3 Button
  • Switch max voltage 48v AC/DC
  • Switch min voltage 9v AC/DC
  • User Guide

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