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Yealink WiFi Wireless Microphone for MTR

SKU: VCM36-W Package

The Yealink VCM36-W is an innovative wireless video conferencing microphone designed to accommodate a wide range
of meeting room needs. With a built-in 3-microphone array, the VCM36-W has a 20ft (6m) and 360° voice pickup range. It
features Yealink’s high-quality echo cancellation technology and noise cancellation, which effectively filters out up to 90dB
of ambient noise to provide a high-quality audio experience during full-duplex calls. The VCM36-W’s high-quality pickup
technology enables it to provide a full range of audio coverage for all sizes of conference room. The VCM36-W is easy to
use with a single pairing, with up to 12 hours of battery life in conference mode and 7 days of standby time. The VCM36-W
WIFI microphone is equipped with a charging dock that allows you to charge the microphone wirelessly, and you can
change its deployment position at any time while using it to suit your needs.

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